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If you appear to be intoxicated, you will NOT be allowed to enter the club:

NO ID / NO ENTRY: This rule states that you must present a valid identification document (such as a driver's license or passport) proving your age to enter the club.

NO cut-off shirts: This rule refers to clothing items that have had their sleeves removed or cut off.

NO Bags / Backpacks: This rule restricts the entry of bags or backpacks into the club. It is often implemented as a security measure to prevent the concealment of prohibited items or to streamline the entry process.

No Sunglasses: This prohibition of sunglasses is usually in place to ensure proper identification of individuals and maintain a more open and social atmosphere within the club.

No Gang-Related Attire: This rule aims to prevent the presence of clothing or symbols associated with gangs or criminal organizations. It helps maintain a sage enivroment and prevent potential conflicts or misunderstandings.

NO SWEATS OR BASKETBALL SHORTS: Some establishments enforce a dress code that

prohibits overly casual attire like sweatpants or basketball shorts.

Two  drink minimum required - this rule means that once inside the club, patrons are required to purchase a minimum of two drinks, including non- alcoholic.

Under Texas law you cannot carry a firearm into a bar.




This is a luxury experience. I kindly expect to be respected at all times, rules of the club will apply. Special requests are excepted, some request may require a fee. Upon booking you will receive a contact number where you can send questions or requests. 



Cancellation Policy:


All changes to booking must be made 24hrs prior to booking time or deposit will be lost. There is a strict no refund policy. Deposit fees will be applied to future booking date. 

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